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shoe repair machinery

The original business of our company was to supply the shoe-repair trade and we continue to do so as agents for Pedersen and AFT International supplying finishing machines, outsole stitchers, patchers and the parts for the repair thereof. 

We have a large selection of new and second hand parts in stock for many types of current and obsolete shoe-repair machines.

We can provide a machinery repair service within reasonable travelling distance.

A few of the machines etc. we have supplied recently:

Machinery Repair & Supply of Parts

Pedersen 312 outsole stitcher Singer Patcher Dust bag for Olympia 115 Pedersen 316
Pedersen 309 Singer Patcher 29K58 Needles for Rapid E 317 Olympia 850 Belt sander
Pedersen 313 Pedersen 317 Shoe stretcher Blades for cutting machine
Nylon cutting boards