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Industrial Goods

Over the last 15 years we have specialised in sewn protective bellows in pvc, heat-resistant glass cloth & neoprene rubber – used for protecting worm drive screw jacks and actuators.

Items we have produced previously:-

Instrument cases Leather straps Aluminium carrying boxes Police trouser belts
Police handcuff holders Police handbags Police radio cases Police covert webbing harness
Moulded leather bellows Leather leg gaiters Leather lined knee pads Leather nail bags
Leather Industrial gloves Welder's gauntlets Welder's large hide apron Hide aprons
Animal handling gloves Hand palms Welder's jackets Welder's aprons
PVC holdalls Leather flange Leather knife sheaths Green canvas MOD bags
First Aid Satchels Leather case handles Webbing carry straps Elbow patches
Leather cash bags Zipped PVC cash bags Sealing plier pouches Rubber gaskets
Leather washers PVC covers PVC carrying bags Chrome leather jackets
PVC Delivery Boy/Girl Mail bags Gas Board instrument cases
Jewellery display boards covered in suedine Leather check straps for lorry doors
Chrome leather waist aprons c/w pockets Bank Nightsafe wallets & repair thereof
Webbing belts c/w meter holder & card holder Heavy chrome leather Jersey cow collars
Electricity Board sealing plier pouches & dataloguer pouches Heavy chrome leather sheepdog collars
Chrome leather waist aprons c/w pockets Dreymans' canvas & leather aprons
Flexible bellows in PVC, Leather, Neoprene Rubber and heat resistant Ali-foil


The original business of the Company was to supply machinery and materials to the shoe repair trade, over the years this has diversified to other aspects of the leather and man-made fabric industry covering the following products and services:-


Leather to suit all applications in a range of thicknesses and finishes from 0.5mm to 10.0mm

Curtains & Covers

Welding booth curtains, covers for machinery, filter bags, filter cloths and tarpaulins.

Straps, bags & Cases

Instrument cases, detonator cases, cash bags and wallets, tool rolls, tool belts, nailbags and straps, in leather as well as man-made fabris, i.e. webbing etc.


Made to specification to exclude dirt, grease and general hazards.



Flexible Connections

For connecting ducting depending on hazards and temperature range involved


Other Information

Cutting Service

We have three press-cutting machines and can arrange for tooling knives to be made to suit customers' needs and offer a cutting service.

Machinery On Site

A full range of machinery required for the manufacturing process, including automatic cutting equipment and programmable sewing machines, skivers, riveters, splitting machine, corner stitcher, finishing machine